Virgin Olive Oil is the only fat with origin in fresh fruits. Virgin means pure juice. Due to this fact, this particular Oil has unique characteristics.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil means that oleoic acid is bellow 0.8, the oil is extracted from VERY fresh and healthy fruits and has no quality defects. So "EXTRA Virgin Olive Oil" means that this olive oil as components that no other olive oil has, this is the case for example, of phenolic constituents like aldehydic secoiridoids, flavonoids and lignans (acetoxypinoresinol, pinoresinol) , strong antioxidants that are only present in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


During the year we take care of the olive trees of our farm, and we harvest the fruits in Autumn. The olives that are processed in our own plant are fully produced in our farm! We make the storage and the packaging of our Farm Extra Virgin Olive Oil and delivery it directly to your table.


This is the Way to assure high level of quality. Everything is done in the Farm. We don't trust any other way. Farm Extra Virgin Olive Oil, pure juice of fresh and healthy olive fruits.